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How to Be Warm (but Fashionable) in New York City This Winter

By on November 29, 2017 in Fashion, New York

New Yorkers are a hardy lot that can take all manner of discomfort. That includes some of the coldest and snowiest winters in the country. Another one is knocking on the door; are you ready for it? If not, here are some basic New York City winter fashion tips that will help to keep you warm and toasty over the next six months, while also providing a sense of style!

Long and Baggy Sweaters

These have gone from being an eyesore (ill-fitting hand-me-downs) to a casual-but-attractive necessity for days when you just want to take it easy. Not only do long knit sweaters keep you warm, they are remarkably easy to choose and wear. Depending on its length and your height, you don’t even need to worry about pants (OK, you do if you’re a guy)!

Faux Arctic Winter Coat

The styles of winter coats come and go, but the traditional is back for 2017/2018. That means a basic winter coat in a uniform color with a faux fur trim around the hood. Choose one with extra pockets for gloves and a hat, and an interior pocket with a zipper for your smartphone.

A Very Big Scarf

To boost the warmth factor inside the coat, choose a large winter scarf. These extra wide beauties are usually advertised under the name “blanket scarf” and while not quite that wide, they will definitely help to keep you toasty during those long treks through Times Square. They also look very stylish when worn outside the coat.

Knit Hat and Gloves

This is the year to go Canadian with an adorable knit toque, as our northern neighbors call it. These hats are multiple colors and always have a cute pom pom on the crown.

Choose a pair of complimentary hand knit gloves or, if you need easy access to your fingers, convertible flip-up mittens.