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Must Have Fashion For Fall

By on September 29, 2015 in Fashion

There’s always so much going on in the fashion world.  It’s constantly changing and evolving.  We at Zeitgeist-ny are here to explore and condense all the information and filter out the mess from the beauty.  Everyone has their original style, and you can find inspiration from anyone or anything.  We’re also here for style inspiration and fashion guides on trends and seasonal clothing.  Read on to know the must haves for fall fashion.


Wraps & Capes – A fur wrap or a wool cape is not only an essential piece for fall, but it will keep you nice and warm on those frigid fall nights.  If your jacket or coat isn’t warm enough, you can easily throw a nice wrap on top.  For those formal nights out, a fur cape might just be the perfect outerwear for the evening.  If you’re feeling daring, try a cape in a statement pattern like plaid or leopard print.

Thigh-High Boots – High boots are great for elongating your legs.  Flat boots are perfect for walking in the city and keeping comfy while high heeled ones show off your legs and make an outfit more chic and formal.  High heeled boots are also great if you have an event to go to but the weather isn’t permitting pumps or booties.  Pair grey thigh-high heels with a nice pair of jeggings for a sleek autumn look.

Leather Jacket – Whether you live in the city or not, a cropped leather jacket pairs great with any outfit.  Going for a night out with the girls?  A leather jacket is perfect for when it’s too cold not to wear a jacket but still too warm for your winter coat.  You can even keep it on in the club or bar because it creates an edgy look without trying too hard.  You can also wear it casually to class by pairing it with some ripped jeans and sneakers or to work by dressing it up with a pencil skirt and heels.

Oversized Sweaters – For those cozy nights by the fireplace, all you need is a cute oversized sweater.  Wear it to a coffee date or shopping around the city.  You can even dress it up by throwing on a pleated skirt that peeks out underneath.  An oversized sweater is an essential for those fall days where you just want to wear your hair in a ponytail and pretend to not care about how you look (even though you know you’ll still look great because of your cute sweater).

Try one of the fall trends we mentioned, and show us your style!

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