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Why is Wall Street Still Supporting Trump?

By on January 22, 2018 in New York

Trump Tower may be in New York City, but very few of us here have any love for Donald Trump. It’s not a dislike started by his failed presidency, having dated back quite a few years before he assumed power in the White House. Among the areas of concern that followed his victory was the stock market. Could this so-called real estate success who had gone through numerous bankruptcies actually steward the U.S. economy in such a time of uncertainty?

A number of people thought he couldn’t and greatly decreased their market activity. However, as dreadful a president as Trump has turned out to be, he has not tanked the economy. He does not really deserve any credit for Wall Street’s continued success, though.

There are several reasons why not the least of which is that Wall Street knows as well as everyone else when to ignore Trump’s bluster. Of greater import, however, is one of the only things Trump can call a victory: tax reform.

Those significant changes mean large companies will start to repatriate money they had parked overseas to avoid the higher corporate tax rate. That will likely continue to fuel the bull market that has been present for some time. The natural cycle of Wall Street will end this eventually, but it has gone on longer than many would have predicted given the rudderless leadership and regular chaos coming out of this administration.

That extra cash means that companies will continue to buy back their own stock, effectively reducing the number of shares available for trading and, in the process, increasing their value. Money can be given away as dividends and hedge funds will buy stocks to get those dividends.

To the surprise of many, market volatility has remained low under Trump. But don’t worry: the Wall Street brain trust clearly recognizes what a useless idiot Trump is. He remains a useful one. For now.

How to Be Warm (but Fashionable) in New York City This Winter

By on November 29, 2017 in Fashion, New York

New Yorkers are a hardy lot that can take all manner of discomfort. That includes some of the coldest and snowiest winters in the country. Another one is knocking on the door; are you ready for it? If not, here are some basic New York City winter fashion tips that will help to keep you warm and toasty over the next six months, while also providing a sense of style!

Long and Baggy Sweaters

These have gone from being an eyesore (ill-fitting hand-me-downs) to a casual-but-attractive necessity for days when you just want to take it easy. Not only do long knit sweaters keep you warm, they are remarkably easy to choose and wear. Depending on its length and your height, you don’t even need to worry about pants (OK, you do if you’re a guy)!

Faux Arctic Winter Coat

The styles of winter coats come and go, but the traditional is back for 2017/2018. That means a basic winter coat in a uniform color with a faux fur trim around the hood. Choose one with extra pockets for gloves and a hat, and an interior pocket with a zipper for your smartphone.

A Very Big Scarf

To boost the warmth factor inside the coat, choose a large winter scarf. These extra wide beauties are usually advertised under the name “blanket scarf” and while not quite that wide, they will definitely help to keep you toasty during those long treks through Times Square. They also look very stylish when worn outside the coat.

Knit Hat and Gloves

This is the year to go Canadian with an adorable knit toque, as our northern neighbors call it. These hats are multiple colors and always have a cute pom pom on the crown.

Choose a pair of complimentary hand knit gloves or, if you need easy access to your fingers, convertible flip-up mittens.

Learn the Rich History of the Garment District

By on November 16, 2017 in Fashion, New York

There is so much going on in the New York City fashion world that it’s easy to forget what a rich history it has. NYC’s Garment District is recognized in fashion circles around the world, but how many Americans really know about its origins and accomplishments?

1955: Men pulling racks of clothing on busy sidewalk in Garment District, New York City/World Telegram & Sun photo by Al Ravenna.

Running about a square mile from 35th to 41st streets, and between Fifth and Ninth Avenues, the Garment District was established in the 1880s and helped meet the demands for mass produced clothing. The area offered a large and talented labor force, as well as some extremely skilled designers.

The output and quality coming from the area quickly established it as a major force. By 1910, almost ¾ of women’s clothes sold in the United States originated from the Garment District. More than 100 factories cranked out product that was shipped everywhere and the area prospered for decades. However, by the 1980s, the influence of cheap overseas labor began to affect sales and the recent trend towards outsourcing hurt even more.

There’s a mix of fashion, tech, and real estate concerns nowadays, with less than 50% of the tenants making clothes. Thankfully, its main history as one of fashion’s preeminent hubs survived a recent attempt to rebrand the area. A new title might have better reflected the new industrial diversity, but it would also have robbed NYC of perhaps its greatest designer brand name. Best of all, thanks to a combination of factors, these manufacturers are enjoying a resurgence that should help guarantee the Garment District’s role in fashion for decades to come.

Interested in learning more of the Garment District’s history firsthand? Sign up for the Free Walking Tour. Hosted by Michael Kaback, who got his start there in 1965, the following dates are still available:

Sunday, November 19 @2PM
Thursday, December 14 @10AM
Friday, December 22 @10AM
Wednesday, January 3 @10AM
Sunday, January 21 @2PM
Sunday February 11 @2PM
Thursday, February 22 @10AM

Sarijdjo Sisters Launch Jewelry and Accessory Business in Benefit of Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis

By on June 29, 2017 in New York

Based virtually out of Manhattan, New York, Maiya Kim and Yudhisty Saridjo opened their jewelry and accessory shop – Sarijdjo in May of this year. Saridjo was founded by sisters who share a passion of symbolic, cultural and fashionable jewelry in the US. They are providing unique products with cultural heritage and being able to give back to charity and humanitarian causes around the world.

Maiya and Yudhisty are using their past experience, knowledge and skills in their new business venture. Yudhisty has over ten years of fashion accessory design experience and together they are able to form a unique and rich business in the fashion industry.

There jewelry designer are inspired from emotional and cultural ties to North Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. Most of their products are entered around the Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand collections. These are the focal point of Saridjo’s affordable fashion accessories because of the founders international experiences from the region.

Both Maiya and Yudhisty take inspiration from the message of the Evil Eye and Hamsa collections. As part of their commitment to a more hopeful and peaceful world, the sisters—through Saridjo—share some of their proceeds to humanitarian charities around the world. One such passion is for the world refugee crisis and the families and citizens that could use more peace in their lives.

Novak Djokovic Is Lacoste’s New Style Ambassador

By on May 24, 2017 in Fashion, New York, Street Style

Lacoste has developed an eponymous clothing line for Djokovic to be worn on the court. The Novak Djokovic collection is a line of performance products that are made to fuse functionality with style.

novak, djokovic, tennis, lacoste, novak djokovic,

All of the items in the collection were made from materials that were handpicked for their quality and performance, every detail is geared towards comfort; ergonomic stitching to prevent chaffing, while the cuts bring about ease of movement.

novak djokovic , tennis, lacoste

Djokovic’s signature is printed on the left sleeve of the polo shirt, which have graphics inspired the lines of a tennis court. There are varying touches of blue, white and red that challenge the plain background.

The advertising campaign for this line, Lacoste imagined a changeover between the two champions, Rene Lacoste and Novak Djokovic. The have also created a short film featuring the brand’s defining moment when Lacoste invented the LACOSTE L.12.12 polo shirt.

novak djokovic, tennis, polo, lacoste

The collection will be available in stores May 2017.

ASOS Launches Exclusive 10th Anniversary Rose Gold Collection with Dogeared

By on May 24, 2017 in Fashion, New York, Street Style

ASOS is commemorating its 10th season of stocking the jewellery line Dogeared by collaborating with them to recreate three iconic necklaces plated is 14kt rose gold. The necklaces include ; Original Karma, Life is Magical Unicorn and New Beginnings Happy Lotus, available exclusively at ASOS.

rose, gold, rose gold, necklace, jewellry, asos, dogeared

Prices start at $83 and they are available while supplies last at

rose, gold, rose gold, necklace, jewellry, asos, dogeared

Dogeared is a company founded by women, run by women to empower women locally and around the world. The company started in 1991, every Dogeared jewel and message card aims to celebrate individuality and connect with love and friendship. The collection is hand-made in the US, as well the company is B-Corp certified and is proud to be a part of a community using business for good.

rose gold, rose, gold, necklace, jewellry, asos, dogeared

ASOS is a global fashion company, selling cutting-edge fashion and fashion related content around the world, making ASOS a thriving hub for the fashion community. They sell over 85,000 branded and own-label products through mobile and web and deliver through fulfilment centres in the UK, US and Europe all over the world.